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Groupe JP Robin

Groupe JP Robin is a small private company that began operations in 2000 and brings together thirty psychoeducators offering services in several regions of Quebec. Our company distinguishes itself by the great availability of its consultants to offer individualized and integrated services in the living environment of the person. In most cases, customers are referred by a professional or are part of a rehabilitation program. The company is then able to take over and ensure the continuation of rehabilitation interventions, in collaboration with the partners of the public network.

The Client’s FileMaker Solution

The company already had a FileMaker solution that contained basic information from referral agencies. Quickly, the needs grew and the company felt limited in its ability to evolve this solution.

JP Robin Group called upon the services of Direct Impact to support the efforts to improve the work efficiency done by the thirty psychoeducators belonging to the network. This is the beginning of a fruitful collaboration that has allowed the company to make significant gains in terms of productivity and profitability.

The Custom Application Project

The solution developed is a customized FileMaker solution that allows the company to access the complete file of all customers. It is a relational database linking referent customers (ex. CSST or SAAQ), beneficiary customers (obtaining rehabilitation services) and consultants (psychoeducators). The solution also offers several features such as time and mileage management to be billed to customers, or the ability to write intervention reports directly in the application.

The Benefits of a FileMaker Solution

The data in the system is highly confidential, and access to this information must meet strict security standards, in accordance with the guidelines of our practice. Direct Impact advised to use their FileMaker hosting service and was able to produce a certificate guaranteeing data security by demonstrating the rigour of all data preservation processes. As a result, each consultant can now access its specific customer data in a confidential and secure manner through FileMaker’s file access authorization system.

The company has faced another major challenge due to the decentralization of the resources working remotely continuously. Updating FileMaker and renewing licences on the workstations became tedious and costly. But the solution developed by Direct Impact was scalable and could easily adapt to the company’s growth. To remedy this problem, Direct Impact recommended FileMaker WebDirect, a technology that can be used to reproduce the FileMaker user experience through a web browser. With this solution, platform users could access data via the web without having to install FileMaker on their workstation.

The reports generated that are directly linked to the customer file have increased the company productivity significantly. Thanks to WebDirect, the company also benefited from substantial cost savings. No need to buy licences for each consultant since the usage costs are based on users using the platform at the same time. Direct Impact knew how to listen to the company’s needs and offered innovative and effective solutions thanks to their expertise in the development of FileMaker solutions.

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