Citizen Developer #2, January 24 & 26


Learn to create dynamic calculations in FileMaker that can be used throughout your solutions. You’ll learn to build clean forms for data entry and write scripts to automate actions and empower users. Classes held virtually from 8:30-11:30AM PST/11:30-2:30 EST.


  1. Build scripts to automate routines
  2. Write calculations that are flexible and powerful
  3. Use the calculations in scripts and on layouts
  4. Create a clean and efficient data entry layout


At the end of the training, the participants who have achieved the objectives receive a certificate of achievement attesting the success of their participation.


Day 1

Part 1: Tour de Functions

  • Survey the large set of calculations in FileMaker with a focus on which are important and why
  • Learn the broad set of tools available in FileMaker

Part 2: Building a Clean Data Entry Layout

  • Learn how to properly design your data entry layout

 Part 3: Scripting 01 – Solid Foundations

  • Foundations
  • Best practices

Day 2

Part 1: Scripting 02 – Primary Script Steps & Debugging

  • Discover primary script steps
  • Build skills with features
  • Error trapping
  • Script debugger
  • Data viewer

Part 2: Container Fields

  • Manage images, PDF files, and other containers
  • Explore container field features
  • Internal vs. external storage
  • Implications of secure image storage

Part 3: Let ( ) and Case ( )

  • Use of Let( ) and Case( ) functions