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Unsure when and how to upgrade your server? Worried about data migration? We pay careful attention to each new release of FileMaker and FileMaker Server, and can recommend the best time for you to upgrade to a new version when appropriate. Our goal is that you never lose data, and are always able to take advantage of exciting new features. By staying current and updated, you can guarantee that your solution will remain eligible for Claris customer support.

Why Cloud Server Hosting?

With cloud hosted solutions, your users can connect to your FileMaker solution from anywhere with an internet connection. This gives employees the ability to access FileMaker solutions remotely. This means you no longer have to worry about natural disasters potentially compromising data. On-premises servers are subject to data loss through fires, flooding, earthquakes, robbery and more. Cloud-hosted servers and their corresponding external backups are more secure and convenient.

What’s Included with your FileMaker server?

We offer multiple dedicated server sizes and flexible features to suit the needs of our unique clients. All of our servers are hosted on AWS, and are able to take advantage of the great reliability and security afforded by AWS’ infrastructure.  All of our hosting plans include external backups, SSL certificates, and security updates.

What’s Included with our FileMaker Hosting?

FileMaker Hosting*MediumLargeXLarge2XLarge
Number of FM Users1 to 51 to 2425 to 4950 to 99
FM Pro Connections
FM Go Connections
FM WebDirect ConnectionsX
External ConnectionsX
Web HostingXX
SSD Storage Space50 GB500 GB500 GB500 GB
Internet Speed5 Gbps10 Gbps10 Gbps10 Gbps
Monthly Bandwidth50 GB500 GB500 GB500 GB
SSL Certificates
Security Updates
External Backups

*We offer additional disk space and additional monthly traffic options for our Large, XLarge and 2XLarge plans.

FileMaker Server Hosting Options:

  • Variable number of FileMaker users
  • External connections
  • Web hosting
  • Additional processors, RAM, SSD storage, or disk space
  • High monthly traffic

Additional terms and conditions:

  • Minimum 1-month time commitment
  • FileMaker licenses required
  • Prices are subject to change without notice
  • Availability from Central Europe (UTC +1) to Pacific (UTC -8)
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Get Started with FileMaker Hosting

Send us a note that you’re interested in our hosting plans. We’ll need to quickly assess your file size, security needs and projected usage in order to create a quote and get started.

FileMaker Hosting FAQ

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