FileMaker Upgrade

Is it time to upgrade your FileMaker solution?

If you aren’t running the most updated version of Claris FileMaker, we’d urge you to consider a FileMaker upgrade. Perhaps your new laptop is no longer compatible with your current version of FileMaker, or you would like to access new features such as API connectivity, WebDirect or iOS. We perform many routine upgrades, and are happy to assist you with this process. Just reach out to our sales team, and we’ll be in touch to schedule you for an upgrade and migrate your data to an updated version of Claris FileMaker.

Claris FileMaker Licenses

First off, you’ll need up-to-date licenses in order to schedule a FileMaker upgrade. We’re a certified Claris License Reseller, so we can assist you with this process for 5 or more users, or you can buy fewer licenses on your own. There are many considerations when purchasing licenses, so we recommend talking to one of our experts first; not only do you need to consider how many users will access your solution, but the method of access and location of the server also matter, and influence which type of licenses your organization needs. We are committed to saving you money, and will work to make sure to offer you the best possible deal.

Cloud Hosting for FileMaker

If your FileMaker solution is hosted on premises, this can be a great time to consider switching to cloud hosting. We offer AWS hosting for clients in the U.S., Canada and France. Moving forward, the FileMaker upgrade and server upgrade processes are simpler for clients that utilize our hosting services. We also offer FM Server consulting and can make recommendations to optimize performance and server configuration. 

Schedule your Upgrade

After procuring updated licenses, it’s time to plan your FileMaker upgrade. Reach out to our team to discuss your specific situation and schedule the upgrade. Upgrades vary in difficulty depending on which version of FileMaker and FileMaker Server your organization is running. It is possible and quite common to run different versions of FileMaker and FileMaker Server, so you may need the support of your IT team, if applicable.

Upgrading your FileMaker Solution

As a general rule of thumb, FileMaker upgrades become more difficult as the change in versions increases. For example, it is more difficult to upgrade a solution from FileMaker 6 to FileMaker 19 than it is to upgrade from FileMaker 18 to FileMaker 19. For this reason, we strongly recommend staying up-to-date with the current version of FileMaker.

Although it is more difficult to upgrade from a very early version of FileMaker, it is still possible, and our team is equipped and experienced to handle this transition. Solutions as old as FileMaker 3 can be converted. Conversions of older files require more steps and thus cost to upgrade to a current version. However, upgrading has huge upsides that are worth keeping in mind; one such benefit is the ability to keep existing workflows and data. 

Operating Systems and Hardware Compatibility

One key consideration before a FileMaker upgrade is to ensure that all users are running operating systems that are compatible with a planned upgrade. You may also need to check that all FileMaker users have hardware that is compatible with said operating systems. It can be frustrating for organizations to buy new licenses and upgrade their solution only to prevent certain users with outdated operating systems from accessing new features and key business functions.

With proper planning, Claris FileMaker upgrades will go smoothly. You can find the operating systems and hardware compatibility for FileMaker 19.4 here.

Legacy Systems

We regularly upgrade older legacy databases to current software versions. We can help your organization modernize your solution and take advantage of new modern features. We’re happy to talk through ways in which we can help your organization gain efficiency and save time with new features and integrations. With new releases of FileMaker, great new features become available, so we can suggest options that may benefit your database and organization.

Get Started

If you’re ready to update your FileMaker solution, reach out and we will be in touch about how we can help your team successfully upgrade to the most recent version of FileMaker.

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