Citizen Developer #3, February 14 & 16


In this class, you’ll build skills with FileMaker calculations and scripts and bring them together to make flexible reports. With looping scripts, you can significantly reduce manual tasks. Classes held virtually from 8:30-11:30AM PST/11:30-2:30 EST.


  1. Organize relationships to simplify design
  2. Discover ways to display calculations without creating fields
  3. Build scripts to automate repetitive routines
  4. Use layout objects to enrich the user experience
  5. Create methods for users to find and link data


At the end of the training, the participants who have achieved the objectives receive a certificate of achievement attesting the success of their participation.


Day 1

Part 1: Reports – Harness the Power of the SubSummary Part

  • Sorting records
  • Use layout parts and calculations to turn a list into a flexible report

Part 2: Buttons Bars – The Layout Calculation Object

  • Uses of buttons bars and what other functions they replace
  • Limitations of using this method

Part 3: Relationships 01 – TOGs

  • Difference between data model and the relationship graph
  • Build skills with many-to-many relationships, Table Occurrence Groups (TOGs)
  • Clarifying the primary purpose of the graph

Day 2

Part 1: Scripting 03 – Loops

  • Best practices when writing looping scripts
  • Nest, test, log and document
  • Importance of Loop If ( )

Part 2: Card Windows, Popover Buttons and Relational Value Lists

  • Card windows vs. the world
  • Usefulness of value lists and their odd features
  • Ways to find and choose the right record: popovers, portals, and card windows

Part 3: Tie It Together: Calc + Script + Layout

  • Review our skills
  • Integrate the technical into great designs
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