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Direct Impact Solutions (DIS) has experienced successful growth fueled in part by mergers and acquisitions in recent years. We spoke with one of our newer group members, Matt Navarre, about joining DIS officially in February of 2021. Matt is a longtime expert FileMaker developer who started AppWorks, a Portland-based Claris FileMaker development company.

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Thanks for being willing to share about your experience, Matt. As the former owner of AppWorks, what factors compelled you to join Direct Impact? Did you have any concerns when you were considering this change?

When I merged with Direct Impact, there were three main concerns that I had, and each one was addressed and we reached a great solution. These were:

  1. Would current employees of AppWorks be part of DIS, and would they have increased opportunities to grow?
  2. Would customers have continuity, and be working with the same developers, but also have access to addition resources and project management?
  3. Would my role continue in a way that I could play to my strengths, and focus on the areas of FileMaker that excite me?

As a business owner, were you able to take your employees with you to Direct Impact Solutions? Was this important in your decision about joining DIS?

Keeping all of the current employees was the most important aspect for me. Staff is by far the most important resource in an organization, and I’m glad that each employee had the ability to grow and find their way.

Do you still have a role with the group? Is this something that you’ve had input in?

I’m focusing on two things: evangelism and training. These are the areas that I’m most passionate about. The FileMaker development classes I’m teaching are better organized and attended than at any time in my career, and it’s growing.

Has joining the group changed your personal life or granted you additional freedom?

Joining DIS has had a huge and positive change on my life and freedom. It has allowed me the time and resources to deeply throw myself into graduate school in music (choral conducting) and music composition. It has also freed me up to travel the world, as COVID allows.

Are you satisfied with your decision to join Direct Impact Solutions?

The decision to join DIS has worked out just as I hoped, and continues to get better.

If you’re curious about joining DIS, you can read more about our mergers and acquisitions, as well as the AppWorks acquisition.

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