Citizen Developer #4, February 28 & March 1


In this class, you will build on your new FileMaker skills and learn to use JSON. You’ll learn to use script parameters to make your databases more efficient. By adding record-level security, you’ll ensure uses see only what they need. With a dashboard, your users will be greeted by a screen that shows current, useful, actionable information. Classes will be held from 8:30AM-11:30AM PST/11:30AM-2:30PM EST.



  1. Build dashboards users will love
  2. Learn modern ways to pass data to scripts with JSON
  3. Use an audit log to track when data is changed or deleted
  4. Create and configure user accounts and privilege sets


At the end of the training, the participants who have achieved the objectives receive a certificate of achievement attesting the success of their participation.


Day 1

 Part 1: Dashboard – The Main Menu is Dead

  • Build a visual, meaningful, and actionable landing page (dashboard) 

Part 2: Scripting 06 – Audit Log

  • Importance of logs that track user changes
  • Integrate those logs with JSON and script triggers

Part 3: JSON

  • Passing parameters into a script from a button
  • Passing parameters from script to script
  • Audit logging

Day 2

Part 1: Relationships 04 – Extending Relationships

  • One-to-one relationships
  • Cartesian relationships
  • Multi-Key relationships

 Part 2: Security – Encryption, Users, and Accounts

  • Encryption at Rest
  • Management of users and accounts
  • Authentication methods
  • Principle of least privilege

Part 3: Design Pattern – Populating a Portal with Perform Find

  • Display data using a design pattern that joins several features together
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