Citizen Developer #1, January 10 & 12


As a new developer you will learn what you need to build a database. You will start with creating tables and fields, and work with data sets. You will learn to create relationships that keep databases lean, improve reporting, and build beautiful, modern layouts. Classes held virtually from 8:30-11:30AM PST/11:30-2:30PM EST.



  1. Start a new FileMaker or Claris Pro solution
  2. Import, export, and work with found sets of data
  3. Create calculations and use them in fields
  4. Create relationships between tables
  5. Build efficient layouts using themes and styles


At the end of the training, the participants who have achieved the objectives receive a certificate of achievement attesting the success of their participation.


Day 1

Part 1: Foundations – Tables, fields, searching, and importing data

  • The elements of FileMaker
  • Use the elements of FileMaker as building blocks
  • Data tables, text, number, date and time fields
  • Learn to work with data

Part 2: The Data Model

  • Understanding of different models to pave the way to learn the mechanics of the Relationship Graph in FileMaker.

Part 3 : Calcs Everywhere

  • Basics of calculations

Day 2

Part 1: Relationships 01 – Let’s Begin

  • Understanding of database relationships
  • Entities, attributes, and key fields

Part 2: Layout Design – Form, list and report

  • Explore tools for layout design
  • Use tools and layout parts to create nuanced data entry forms, lists and reports

Part 3: Using, Managing, and Customizing Themes & Styles

  • Explore cascading style sheets (CSS)
  • Apply styles to layout objects
  • Manage styles effectively
  • Importance of naming conventions
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